First ‘Amazing Spider-man’ Trailer Would be Great if it Was the First Time

Four years ago, Spider-man 3 destroyed one of the first great superhero franchises with too many villains and subplots. Like Warner Bros. did with the Batman franchise Marvel plans to reboot Spider-man with a new young cast and a new director. For better or worse, Spider-man’s story will continue on the big screen with a fresh new face, Andrew Garfield. Production has been going on for a while now and just in time for Comic Con, the first trailer has been released.

The trailer begins with Peter’s parents leaving him with Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Peter’s parents were not even mentioned in the Sam Raimi films so this should be interesting new territory to explore for the character. The next part of the trailer shows Peter Parker the geek just as we saw him in high school way back in 2002. A notable difference here is the absence of Mary Jane. Emma Stone will play Gwen Stacy (an older version of the character was played by Bryce Dallas Howard in Spider-man 3). She has enough of a cutesy persona as well as an edge to make for an interesting love interest, though she is barely featured in the trailer.

Then the famous spider bites him. I have to wonder, why are we exploring Spider-man’s origin again in full? It was covered very well in Raimi’s first film, what’s the point of doing it again. Spidey’s origin is fresh enough in moviegoers’ minds that they shouldn’t be wasting time redoing it when they can go ahead and tell a more interesting story with the character like Spider-man 2 (my favorite Marvel film to date). They should have taken a page from The Incredible Hulk or Tim Burton’s first Batman movie. Incredible Hulk, which was also a reboot, glossed over Bruce Banner’s origin in the opening credits. Tim Burton told the story of Bruce Wayne’s origin in the middle of the film with basic but effective flashbacks. There is no need to retell Peter Parker’s famous spider bite and it has me much less excited for the movie.

As for the rest of the trailer, Curt Connor’s has only one arm and we see him going into a chamber (not too unfamiliar from the one Norman Osborn walked into in Spider-man). The end of the trailer shows a first person view of Spidey’s acrobatic skills (Mirror’s Edge should have been a Spider-man game). Whether this is in the actual film or just for the trailer is unknown. It could be a cool way to do Spider-man’s first official outing. However, if it’s placed anywhere else in the movie I can see it feeling gimmicky and awkward.

I am honestly very disappointed they are re-doing the origin story. It doesn’t matter whether it looks like they are doing a good job with it or not because when we come down to it, this is a remake not a reboot. The movie does look good and I will of course see it but this is very disappointing.

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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on July 20, 2011.

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