First ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Shows Very Little Yet Accomplishes A Lot

Everyone who went to go see Harry Potter this past weekend got a treat just before the movie, the first trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. I was expecting something  a bit more like the first trailer for The Dark Knight which didn’t show any new footage just had voice overs playing over the logo. It was effective enough for a teaser a year before the movie would actually come out. This time around, however, we got some new footage, very little of course (5 shots in total), but new is still exciting.

The first half of the trailer mostly consists of shots from the previous two films with quotes from Liam Neeson’s character, Ras Al Ghul, in Batman Begins. The first new footage we see is of Gordon lying on a hospital bed talking to someone. He is saying “the Batman has to come back”. That is when we hear Christian Bale’s voice ask “what if he doesn’t exist anymore?”. Bale is definitely not speaking in his Batman voice which raises the question; does Gordon know the identity of Batman?

There are a few other new shots thrown in. One shows someone crawling up what appears to be a large well. My guess is that it is Bruce coming up from the well he fell down in Batman Begins. Another is of someone, who looks like Bruce, doing push-ups in a jail cell. If it is Bruce, what circumstances put him in jail? Could more than just Gordon know his identity?

Finally we get a decent look at Bane who is wearing a truly terrifying mask over his mouth. I like what they’ve done with him based in this and the first photo. He is going to be a horrifying villain, that much is for certain. The final shot of the trailer shows Bane facing off against Batman. He confidently walks towards him as Batman backs away looking tired. One interesting thing here is that there is a man with a gun in the background. Is he a cop or one of Bane’s men?

This trailer leaves a lot of questions to be answered, perhaps even more than before. The teaser also makes it clear that this is the end of the “Dark Knight Legend”. We knew this already but it appears Nolan wants to make it clear that this is his last Batman movie. Its certainly exciting. Hopefully the next thing we see from this film is Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.

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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on July 18, 2011.

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