‘Louie: Joan’ Review

Sorry this review is late but last night I was too busy ending my childhood at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. This week’s episode of Louie mainly focused on its guest star, Joan Rivers.

The bulk of the episode focused on Louie’s trip to Atlantic City to do a unimportant comedy show for gamblers who needed a break. He ends up quitting for making fun of Donal Trump, the casino’s owner. He then meets Joan Rivers who is there doing a legitimate comedy show for people who bought tickets to see her, unlike Louie.

Louie and Joan end up going to her hotel suite for drinks and Joan tells Louie to never quit and to be happy with the job he has. It feels like an important lesson for Louie as he never really seems to enjoy what he is doing in life. The message plays well into the times and makes for an effective conversation.

As far as the comedy goes, Louie guessing how many blow-jobs Joan has given for her job was hysterical. Overall, Joan Rivers was a great guest star and was pretty hilarious in most of her scenes. However, the episode could have been a bit funnier for my taste considering how there were two great comedians carrying the whole twenty minutes. But a lack of comedy never makes for a bad episode of Louie.

Also of note, the opening comedy bit was absolutely hilarious as usual. I still say that this season is not quite as good as season one, but it is still a great show. (8/10)

photo credit: http://tvgeekarmy.com/post/viewPost/louie_joan_no_business_like_show_business/e473fefef93383def421ed9e2d563f22

~ by mattsmoviethoughts on July 16, 2011.

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