‘Falling Skies: Prisoner of War’ Review

I was not too impressed with Falling Skies last week but the pilot set up several plot lines that I looked forward to seeing develop. This weeks episode, titled Prisoner of War, continued to build upon these plot threads and was successful for the most part.

This weeks main plot involved Tom’s old friend Harris discovering a way to remove the thing on all the childrens’ backs without killing them. Tom leads a team to retrieve one child from alien custody. Once the child is brought back, Harris removes the thing on his back successfully.

The story worked pretty well for the most part and had some pretty decent action in between. Watching Tom bring back a live Skitter to Weaver in front of everyone was awesome. Seeing Tom punch Harris after finding out that he left his wife to die was even better. This episode made Tom much more likable and has me excited for turns his character could take in the future.

One problem this episode had however was pacing. Most of the action took place in the first half of the episode leaving a lot of exposition to finish out the hour. Since no major twists happened in the second half the pace slowed down a lot and it ended up hurting the episode quite a bit.

The main subplot of the story was the now captive Pope cooking for all the survivors. Pope continues to be my favorite character as he gets all the best lines and seems to dislike Weaver as much as I do. His scenes of comedic relief worked well against the darker story involving Tom.

Overall, Prisoner of War was a step forward for the show as it offered some fun action scenes and better character moments than the pilot. If the show can fix its pacing problems and make the characters a bit more interesting, Falling Skies will be on track to become a great sci-fi show. (7.5/10)

photo credit: http://www.fearnet.com/news/reviews/b22975_tv_review_falling_skies_episode_12.html


~ by mattsmoviethoughts on June 27, 2011.

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