‘Wilfred’ Needs to be Fixed

Wilfred had a lot of potential. FX had been giving us hilarious advertisements for months, building the anticipation. Wilfred fell right on its face. The show stars Elijah Wood as a suicidal young man who feels that he has no place in the world. His next door neighbor asks him to watch her dog, who appears to him as a man dressed in a dog costume.

The opening of the show is amusing enough. Charming music plays over the scene as Wood’s character revises his suicide note and has trouble killing himself. It seems like a great black comedy in the making. Once the title character shows up there are a few decent gags about dogs and the two main characters smoke pot (call me immature but there was something funny about watching a man dressed as a dog hitting a bong). All of this brings us to the first commercial break and at this point I was enjoying the show.

Once Wilfred came back from advertisements, everything fell apart. The show abandons the dark comedy approach and goes for a more friendly humor and a lack of subtlety that kills all attempts at amusement. I really only laughed once or twice for the rest of the episode. The show also tries to take a more laid back look on life, which would have been appreciated had it been done well but sadly it is not. Wilfred is supposed to be encouraging Wood’s character to enjoy life, but he still needs to get his life together. Elijah Wood’s character is not likable. He is the reason his life is terrible and now all he wants to do is play with the dog. The dog is not too favorable either as he is a bit too preachy.

Wilfred would have been much funnier if it had retained the dark comedic tone that it opened with, but instead the writers decided to abandon humor for obvious life lessons. I am sad to say do not expect any more reviews of Wilfred as I have no intention of tuning in next week. (4/10)

photo credit: http://meanmassive.com/wilfred-fx-promo-wilfred/wilfred-fx-elijah-wood/


~ by mattsmoviethoughts on June 24, 2011.

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