James Spader Joining ‘The Office’?

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that NBC is in talks with James Spader to have a significant role on The Office. Spader was one of the many guest stars on the season finale of the show as members of the cast interviewed both old and new candidates for the position of regional manager that Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) left open.

However, Spader supposedly won’t be taking over that position. NBC wants him as the new CEO of Dunder Mifflin/Sabre. In seasons six and seven, Kathy Bates’ Jo Bennett held that position, but the actress has to focus on her own show, Harry’s Law. It seems that NBC will be bringing in Spader’s character first as the new regional manager, but then he will ascend to CEO somehow. Obviously we need to wait and see how this will actually play out but clearly the writers over at The Office still have no idea who they want to replace Carrell.

I would not mind if Spader became CEO as long as it was handled well. He was one of the best guest stars on the finale and as great as Kathy Bates is on the show her presence is minimal at best.

As for the regional manager position, I think it should be a familiar face rather than another star. The best episode after Michael’s leave was the one where Dwight was in charge and there were no guest stars. The Office has one of the best ensembles on television right now and it does not need another star to stay afloat. This fall will start the eighth season and it would be a disservice to fans to have a new character stealing the show from all of the fans’ favorites. Hopefully the writers can recognize this and continue to play with the already developed characters rather than someone new.

original story and photo credit: http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/06/24/james-spader-the-office/


~ by mattsmoviethoughts on June 24, 2011.

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