Robin to be Playable Character in ‘Batman: Arkham City”

First Catwoman now Robin. Batman: Arkham City has added the boy wonder to the list of playable characters in the game. Gamers who pre-order the game at Best Buy will be able to immediately download Robin as a playable character for the game’s challenge maps.

Unlike Catwoman, Robin will not be made playable in sections of the campaign mode. This probably works best for the story as this is still Batman’s game. However this likely means that Robin will play a part in the story. Best Buy’s statement confirms that this Robin will be Tim Drake (sorry Dick Greyson fans). The statement also says that Robin will have his own unique fighting style and gadgets, similar to the way Catwoman is being handled.

This addition sounds like it is going to be more in line with the Joker’s inclusion in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Robin will most likely be a fun addition to Arkham City.

Best Buy says that Robin will be playable on all of the challenge maps and will come with a second “Red Robin” skin. The download will include two addition challenge maps, titled Black Mask Hideout (sounds like Black Mask will be getting a significant role in the game) and Freight Train Escape. Batman: Arkham City hits shelves Oct. 18th.

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