‘Falling Skies’ Premiere is Exciting But Leaves Much to be Desired

After a lot of promotion, Falling Skies finally premiered tonight on TNT, and it has left me somewhat divided. The show follows a group of survivors of an alien invasion on Earth. Falling Skies premiered with two different episodes, the second of which was more interesting than the first.

The first episode introduced us to the main characters as they are forced to move. Noah Wyle plays Tom Mason, a former history teacher turned soldier after the invasion. Wyle is likable in the role, but the character is not all that interesting. He is a good father (though encouraging his battle-ready son had me questioning this) but other than that there is no depth to him. Hopefully in future episodes, the character will have a chance to come into his own. Overall, the episode had a few decent action sequences but it seemed like everyone involved was pretty bored.

Also, the show lacks any form of interesting visual style. When looking at other shows such as Mad Men or The Walking Dead, their visual style is part of what makes them great, and that was present in their first episodes. Falling Skies was boring to look at and was very obviously a TV set. Perhaps if there are future seasons with a bigger budget we can get something a bit more unique.

The second episode was a bit more interesting as most of the main cast found themselves in the custody of a group of raiders. The leader of this group was the most interesting character seen on the show yet. He had a certain edge to him and based on his fate at the end of the episode (and a preview for what is to come), I look forward to seeing him again. This episode was much lighter on aliens than the previous one, which was fine as it allowed some of the characters to get a bit more fleshed out, but now quite enough yet.

All in all, Falling Skies feels like it could have been much more than it is. It lacks characters that people can get behind, the whole cast seems so one dimensional so far. However, the preview for next week does look exciting and there were a few interesting plot threads set up in these two episodes. There are reasons to keep watching Falling Skies but they are limited. (6/10)

photo credit: http://mymoviesdatabase.blogspot.com/2010/07/first-look-at-spielbergs-produced.html

~ by mattsmoviethoughts on June 20, 2011.

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