Top 5 Movie Dads

In honor of our dads here are the top 5 movie fathers. These are not necessarily the best or worst fathers, just some of the most memorable ones to hit the screen. Happy Father’s Day!

5. Edward Bloom- Big Fish (2003)-

Big Fish was all about the father-son relationship between a dying old man (Albert Finney) who used to tell stories to his son about his “life”. The son, played by Billy Crudup, tries to figure out how much of the stories were fabricated. Ewan McGregor played a younger version of Edward. Both actors made the character seem so real. The film has a beautiful ending in which the son finally understands the father.


4. Randy the “Ram”- The Wrestler (2008)-

Mickey Rourke gave the performance of his career in this movie as an aging professional wrestler who suffers from a heart attack. Once the doctors tell him he can no longer wrestle, her turns to his daughter (Evan Rachel Wood) for a normal life. A good portion of The Wrestler is this wonderful father-daughter story. Randy proves that he has a heart and some love to give to his daughter. Unfortunately, the end of the film shows that Randy’s obsession with his sport is too much of a distraction to maintain a healthy, fatherly relationship with his daughter.


3. Jack Torrance- The Shining (1980)-

Jack Torrance becomes the father from Hell in this horror classic. I would say being persuaded by the ghosts of an old hotel into trying to kill your wife and son is definitely in the top 5 worst things you can do as a dad. Jack Nicholson effortlessly shows the transition from normal to complete psycho. The best part, Jack takes advice from a long dead ax murderer about how to “correct” his family. Luckily he is frozen in the middle of a maze.


2. Mufasa- The Lion King (1994)-

This animated lion knows that it means to be a father. He is able to protect his son while teaching him responsibility. Mufasa is a stern father but knows when to take a break to wrestle and look at the stars. All of these great characteristics make his death all the more tragic. There is almost nothing as heartbreaking in all of cinema as the look on Simba’s face as he tries to wake up his father. From there, The Lion King becomes a story of redemption as Simba must discover himself and learn more about the circle of life. But Mufasa is always there to guide him, dead or not.


1. Darth Vader- Star Wars (1977-2005)-

Nothing like a good twist. The major villain of the series is actually, the hero’s father! Anyone spoiled? If you are you just haven’t been paying attention since birth. The great thing about this dark lord of the Sith is that he does not turn out to be such a bad guy. Actually, he is the chosen one set to destroy the Sith and bring balance to the Force. Sure he goes the round about way of doing this but he gets the job done nonetheless. Although he does chop off his son’s hand…oh well! All I remember is that cute kid pod racing! Yipee!


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