What Happened to Lady Gaga?

Yesterday, everyone’s favorite pop icon released the music video for her latest single Edge of Glory. There was nothing exciting about the video but more importantly there was nothing Gaga-y about it. Then I started thinking, the Judas video was also missing a certain Gaga flair. After the slight disappointment of the whole Born This Way album, could Mother Monster be losing her touch? Unfortunately the answer seems to be yes.

The way I see it there are five aspects of Gaga’s fame. The first is her music, which Gaga mostly writes herself. When The Fame came out, Gaga was on her way to becoming a fun pop star who loves her new-found stardom. She had a few great mindless singles such as Just Dance and Poker Face. Eventually came Gaga’s next album, The Fame Monster, which looked at the darker side of fame. Bad Romance became an instant classic and Gaga had written songs that had some surprisingly deep messages hidden within them. Born This Way has a few songs that recall Gaga’s former greatness, but not nearly enough. The songs have painfully obvious lyrics and some of the beats are not that interesting. The album as a whole is not bad but it is far worse than her previous work. There are a few gems on there such as Judas, Bloody Mary, and You and I, but as a whole the album was a disappointment.

The second part of Gaga’s fame is her ability as a performer. This is something that she still is great at. Gaga’s live performances are always vocally fantastic. The theatricality of it all makes it a lot of fun, as proven by her recent HBO special. Gaga has the ability to turn a boring song like Born This Way into a fun, vocally strong performance.

The third is Gaga’s fashion sense. The crazy outfits that appear at every awards show are getting boring. At this point the weirdest thing she can do is put on a pair of jeans. Gaga has definitely lost her touch in this area. No longer are we shocked by what she is wearing. Its has come to a point where people roll their eyes at Lady Gaga as she dresses in these crazy outfits.

The fourth is Gaga’s fight for gay rights. Gaga has always been an advocate for gay rights and this never comes off as annoying. This is a major issue in today’s world and for a pop star to fight for such an important problem is refreshing. No matter what Gaga does with her music and fashion, this will always be a defining factor of her personality.

Now to the final piece of Gaga’s stardom; her music videos. Edge of Glory is a boring video in general, not just by Gaga’s standards. Judas was a decent video but not a good Gaga video. I miss the days of music videos such as Bad Romance, Telephone, and even Born This Way. If Gaga keeps making videos as boring as her last two, the days for this pop icon may be limited.

Looking at these pieces of Gaga’s persona prove that she is a dying star. It is going to take a lot for Lady Gaga to reach her former greatness. Whatever album comes next needs to rock the pop world in the same way that The Fame Monster did or Gaga is going to quickly fade away.


~ by mattsmoviethoughts on June 17, 2011.

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