The 5 Best and Worst Jim Carrey Movies

Mr. Popper’s Penguins hits theaters this Friday and I am sad to say, it looks awful. Jim Carrey stars in the movie and adds it to his list of fascinating career choices. Carrey has proven that he can act before, but he has also proven that he might need a new agent. Even if the movie surrounding him is terrible, Jim Carrey is typically still hilarious either as a goofball or a charmer or sometimes something else entirely. Here are my picks for the highs and lows of this comedic legend’s film career.


5. The Cable Guy (1996)-


This movie tries to feel real at some points, which is why it fails. Jim Carrey is playing a character too unbelievable for a film trying to be somewhat normal. Carrey is still funny, but who decided Matthew Broderick was a good choice to be placed next to him? The movie is just too strange and overall just does not work and is rarely funny or good.


4. Fun With Dick and Jane (2005)-

Jim Carrey shows a more charming side in this movie. Where Dick and Jane fails is that it is too nice and not as sadistic as Carrey’s older work. Once again, Carrey is still enjoyable to watch, but the movie around it crumbles. This film may have worked much better as a dark comedy rather than a family one. The movie is overly obvious and predictable and fails to take any turns that might shock the audience.



3. Me, Myself & Irene (2000)-

When is this movie funny? There are barely any scenes in this movie that even made me chuckle. The opening is funny enough, with the narrator telling the story of the character’s life up until that point. Also, Carrey’s first personality switch has its moments, but after that, this movie is just never funny. It feels like a movie based on a mediocre SNL skit. This might be one of the only movies that Jim Carrey simply fails.


2. Yes Man (2008)-

Jim Carrey is not the reason this movie fails, it is literally everything else. Even the charming Zooey Deschanel cannot help this film. Yes Man has a plot too similar to another Jim Carrey film, Liar Liar, but not nearly the same amount of heart. Carrey’s character is boring as it provides no challenge for the actor.



1. The Number 23 (2007)-

Ouch. Now I have to give it to Carrey here for trying something different than comedy, but ouch. This is a horrible film. It is not scary. It is not interesting. Nothing is good about this movie. This is also the worst performance of Carrey’s career. Its no wonder why he has not been cast in too many films after this atrocity.




5. Bruce Almighty (2003)-

Bruce Almighty is not remembered as well as it should be. Morgan Freeman is God and it marks one of the first major appearances by Steve Carrell in a movie. Jim Carrey is hysterical as he explores the powers of being God. This movie has a lot of heart and actually serves its title character well, having him learn major lessons about life by the movie’s end.



4. Batman Forever (1995)-

Okay, I might be a little biased here as I am a huge Batman fan. Sure this film is no Dark Knight or even Batman Returns but its still a fun outing for the franchise, and that is mostly due to Carrey’s portrayal as the Riddler. Actually, this is a better Jim Carrey movie than a Batman movie. Regardless, Carrey has a ball here playing the classic villain and it makes for a good comedy with some dazzling action scenes involving everyone’s favorite man dressed like a bat.


3. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995)-

Call it a tie. This is Jim Carrey’s most memorable character and arguably, the one that made him famous for a new generation. These movies are hilarious and I cannot decide which one is triumphant over the other. Both have their moments of comedic genius. When feeling Jim Carrey ’90s nostalgia (it happens more frequently than you would think), these are the movies to turn to.



2. The Truman Show (1998)-

What a great movie. Carrey is charming and funny, yet there is a sense of sadness about the character. The circumstances surrounding him are certainly sad. Carrey won a much deserved Golden Globe for his role in this film. The best part of this film is that while it is funny it still has a lot of ethical issues for the audience to ponder.



1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)-

Eternal Sunshine is a beautiful film. Jim Carrey gives the performance of his career in this whacky sci-fi movie about love and memory loss. Kate Winslet was nominated for an academy award for her performance, but this is truly Carrey’s movie. He owns the role and gives the most honest performance of his career. This is an unforgettable film and everyone, Jim Carrey fan or not, should see it.



All photo credit goes to the individual IMDB pages of each film.

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