Major Studios Passing on ComicCon This Year

Over the years San Diego ComicCon has become the place to see exclusive previews of the biggest movies coming out, but it looks like that is about to change with this year’s convention. GeekTyrant is reporting that Warner Bros., Disney, Dreamworks, and the Weinstein Company are all skipping the upcoming ComicCon. This means no Dark Knight Rises or Man of Steel.

Marvel is supposedly on the fence of whether they are going to make an appearance at the convention. If they did not show up that would mean no Avengers. With no Marvel and no Warner Bros, next year’s two biggest comic book movies, which happen to be two of the most anticipated comic book movies ever, will not be making an appearance.

I am particularly disappointed at the absence of Christopher Nolan’s next Batman movie. The Dark Knight had a great showing at ComicCon as it plummeted fans into an aggressive and effective viral marketing campaign. The Dark Knight Rises has already started its viral marketing with Warner Bros. releasing an image of Bane and sounds of creepy chanting to go along with it (The image can be found here and the sound clip can be found here). Its disappointing knowing that there will not be another chance for fans to get involved with their marketing scheme.

Despite some major studios being absent, we will still get looks at The Amazing Spider-man, Cowboys and Aliens, The Adventures of Tintin, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, and many more. ComicCon 2011 will be held in San Diego from July 21st through the 24th.

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One Response to “Major Studios Passing on ComicCon This Year”

  1. And to think that I was seriously bummed about not being able to get a ticket for it this year. Was gonna fly out to Cali and everything.

    Guess they got sick of it turning into a teen Twilight fest.

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