‘Batman: Arkham City’ Gameplay Footage at E3!

Well this was a treat! Fifteen minutes of gameplay footage from Batman: Arkham City, courtesy of Gamespot.com, prove that this is going to be great! As if there were any doubts before this…

Check out the footage here.

Arkham City finds a section of Gotham City sectioned off as a new division of the famous prison Arkham Asylum. Criminals run rampant through the streets of this section of the city, starting their own gangs and plots to take over the entire area. Arkham City will be an open world experience for Batman as he tries to stop an ever growing number of classic villains including Joker, Two-Face, Hugo Strange, Penguin, and many more.

It was previously announced at E3 that Catwoman would be made a playable character. Her parts in the game will take up about 10% of the entire game, making sure that she does not over shadow Batman. She appears to move faster and more acrobatic. Catwoman can use her whip to reel enemies in. This is not simply the mechanics of Batman transferred over to a Catwoman skin, she has her own feel and strategy of how to take down her enemies.

The opening of the gameplay footage shows how Catwoman plays, and it looks great. She takes out about seven or eight of Two-Face’s thugs before the big man himself puts a gun to her head. After that, control switches over to Batman. We see the player take out several thugs and interrogate an informant of the Riddler. Batman then uses the new information to find one of the Riddler’s trophies that players will remember being hidden all over Arkham Asylum in the first game. Batman then goes to the courthouse where Two-Face has Catwoman captive. He saves her and then it goes to a cutscene where the Joker tries to shoot Catwoman with a sniper rifle. The demo ends shortly after.

The thing that impressed me the most was the city itself. The amount of detail and care that went into creating the environment is incredible. Watching Batman navigate the rooftops and the streets effortlessly showed off the city beautifully. I cannot wait for this to come out. Batman: Arkham City hits shelves October 18th.

original source: http://e3.gamespot.com/video/6317653/

photo credit: http://www.airbornegamer.com/2010/09/11/batman-arkham-city-screens-dc-comics-catwoman/batman-arkham-city-screenshots20/

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