Microsoft Reveals ‘Halo 4’ at E3!

This week is the biggest week of the year in video games: E3! It is quite exciting to be honest, and Microsoft opened today with a big one, Halo 4. The trailer is really good. It shows the beating heart of Master Chief as Cortana begs him to wake up. Once he does, we see him navigate the ship with a bunch of awesome maneuvers. Eventually he comes to a stop, revealing a giant machine sucking the ship into it.

See the trailer here.

What is interesting about this entry in the series is that it is the first not made by Bungie. Halo 4 is being made by 343 Industries. Bungie announced a while ago that the previous game, Halo: Reach, would be the last game that they developed. Bungie had always done a great job making these games look great and play well, however I found myself disappointed with Reach. I felt that it did not contain nearly as many big moments that the other Halo games did. Taking down those two scarabs towards the end of Halo 3 was a highlight in the series. There was nothing like that in Reach. Hopefully a new developer can breathe new life into the series and bring us more epic gameplay moments.

As for the story of Halo 4, there is nothing substantial in the trailer to guess about. The Covenant is gone. Master Chief is nowhere near Earth. There is no sign of a familiar enemy in the trailer, but maybe that is a good thing. Halo 4 is set for release holiday of 2012.

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