Another Classic Butters Centric ‘South Park’ Episode

Season 15 of South Park has not been there best so far. The first five episodes have been hit or miss as they have not covered relevant topics as per usual on the show. However last night’s ‘City Sushi’ was a welcome reminder that South Park does not need to always be about the news and can sometimes just be hilarious and politically incorrect. There is no better character to put in the front of an episode like this than Butters.

‘City Sushi’ had two seemingly unrelated plots going at once; Butters was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder (two of them being a cowboy and an Indian), and the other being a rivalry between a Japanese and Chinese sushi restaurant. The Butters story was absolutely hysterical all the way through, including a hilarious reference to Paranormal Activity. Butters is so much fun to watch as he is refreshingly innocent compared to the rest of the residents of South Park.

The other story did not work as well for most of the episode. Most of the problems came from the fact that there were no major characters involved in the plot. It only involved the never-before-seen restaurant owners. If they had figured out a way to involve Cartman or Kyle, the story would have worked much better. But in the end, the two stories came together in a hilarious way so that the weak storytelling mostly relying on funny voices ended up paying off.

‘City Sushi’ is the funniest and the best episode of season 15 so far. Next week is the last episode until the fall, so hopefully they will come up with something even better to whet our appetites for the summer.  (8/10)

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~ by mattsmoviethoughts on June 2, 2011.

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